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  • Chang’a, Ladislaus B; Kijazi, Agnes L; Luhunga, Philbert M; Ng’ongolo, Hashim K; Mtongori, Habiba I (Scientific Research Publishing, 2017-10-13)
    Climate extreme indices in Tanzania for the period 1961-2015 are analyzed using quality controlled daily rainfall, maximum and minimum temperatures data. RClimdex and National Climate Monitoring Products (NCMP) ...
  • Jarso, James Forole (American University Washington College of Law, 2012)
    Climate change cannot be addressed by a single nation. We must lay emphasis on a regional approach since whatever happens in our individual nations affects the entire region. This means that we must act both individually ...
  • Davies, Mark; Naess, Lars Otto; Bene, Chris (2017-10-16)
    This report considers how issues related to climate change can be incorporated into the third phase of the Tanzania Social Action Fund (TASAF III). By linking social protection (SP) , climate change adaptation (CCA) ...
  • Taylor, Anna; Rubens, Jason; Masanja, Mwamini; Devisscher, Tahia; Jeans, Helen (2017-10-16)
    Tanzania hosts a variety of ecosystems, including mountain, dry lands, wetlands, coastal and marine ecosystems, many of which are trans-boundary (e.g. the Lake Tanganyika ecosystem, which is shared between four countries). ...
  • Zilihona, Innocent (Edita Prima Ltd.-Helsinki 2003, 2003)
    East African rain forest biotope is one of the most diverse habitat types on the planet (Lovett and Wasser 1993, Struhsaker 1997, Burgess et al. 1998, Mittermier et al. 1998, Myers et al. 2000, Newmark 2002). The Eastern ...

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